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Testaments to Our Success

"C.J. Smith and Associates provided me with outstanding service. They were able to dismiss a $6500 judgment against myself. What a relief. Great service. Great people." — Sharelle D., January 30, 2015

"During my time of hardship I was presented with paperwork that informed me about the law offices of Caroline J. Smith & Associates P.C. I must say during this time I was afraid and unclear as to my rights as a tenant. Nevertheless, after visiting the law office I was educated on my rights as well assured that things would get handled by my attorney. I must say I was indeed pleased by the service I received from my attorney. She was helpful, patient, as well as knowledgeable as to the steps that needed to be taken." — Chrissy M., January 8, 2015

"I have been a client of Caroline J. Smith & Associates since December, 8th. Their services have been great and professional. They are very helpful and I would refer their firm." — January 21, 2015

"Thank you for all you have done. Your staff is very supportive and understanding. Even through my family's toughest times, you made sure our situation was taken care of." — Cynda R. & Dennis G.

"Caroline J. Smith and her team did an excellent job handling our case. Everyone was fast and super efficient. Her prices are a plus!!!! Thanks for everything." — Sherry Tabor, February 17, 2016

"Caroline J. Smith & Associates  provided professional services in obtaining satisfactory results on my case dealing with Tenant Rights and relocation.  Thank you to your fine staff and support they provided." - Charles Daniels, February 12, 2016

"Thank you to Caroline J. Smith & Associates for helping me.  I love you guys.  It's been a huge help.  I've been on my own since I was a teenager and you took a huge burden off of me.  I hope you continue to help others like me.  If it wasn't for you I might be on the streets.  Thank you." -Irish Jones, February 25, 2016.

"You guys did a great job." -Sheena G. 

"I would like to take time to thank Caroline J Smith and Associates for their outstanding job and commitment.  I really appreciate the time, advice, and commitment as my lawyer.  Thank you for doing a wonderful job.  Thank you Caroline J Smith and Associates." - Renee Johnson, February 29, 2016

"Thank you Caroline Smith and your staff for looking out for me on the pay and stay.  God bless you and your staff!  Keep up the good work." - Mary Cummins, March 16, 2016

"Caroline and associates worked very hard and were very professional on my case.  They got me justice.  I didn't even have to come to court." - Phyliss Parham, April 7, 2016

"Caroline Smith did an excellent job for my case." - Anita Lowery

"My name is Alesia Beal, I am a client of Caroline J Smith & Associates.  I am so pleased with the professionalism that the office has had with handling my case.  They have really been a blessing to our case.  Thank you!" - Ms Beal, April 13, 2016

"I have used this law firm twice and both times have been great.  Good negotiators and lawyers.  The win-win situation is very important to me, and I am very happy with the firm.  Thanks for working closely with me each time." - Yusuf A., April 14, 2016

"My name is Cortez.  I was fed up with my apartment and life itself.  So I called Caroline J Smith & Associates.  This firm has lifted a burden off of my back and I'm so greatly appreciative.  Now that this burden has been lifted I can move on with life.  Thank you Caroline J Smith & Associates." - Cortez Kidd

"Thank you all so much for your Excellent work in handling my case.  I felt secure and was very well taken care of throughout the entire process.  Thank you!" - Debra Short

"I think Caroline J Smith and Associates is a great lawyer.  She accomplishes and achieves to get you the time you need to move out.  She is a lawyer and woman of her word, and I highly recommend her for all who are in need of a good lawyer.  She eases all your stresses of being evicted."  - Maria Santiago

"Caroline J Smith provided great representation for us in a commercial transaction and helped us renegotiate our lease.  They did a good job, and I recommend them to business owners!" - Wayne Jackson and Nathan Haley

"Caroline J Smith & Associates were just amazing with helping me with my case.  I highly recommend Caroline J Smith & Associates with Eviction and Foreclosures" - Diane Karcz

"I, Kelly Campbell, was very pleased with the way Caroline Smith handled my case.   I would highly recommend her to anyone who is going through things with their landlord." - Kelly Campbell 

"Caroline J Smith & Associates are the best in the business!  Kind, compassionate, caring.  They go in with some of the most intelligent and top professionals in the game.  I had a situation with 1 of Chicago's top slum lords, and they got right down to business.  Plenty of time to relocate my family as well as case dismissed!  Best rates out there!  Don't waste your money or time with any other tenants rights attorney!  Caroline Smith & Associates are the best Illinois this to offer!  They get the job done!

"Five Stars.  Caroline J Smith is an awesome attorney.  I recommend her highly if anyone needs help with a prior eviction or current eviction.  - Ms Ridgeway, August 5, 2016

"I was very satisfied with the excellent job from Caroline Smith." - Adam T., August 1, 2016

"I Dane lopez and Ana Cepeda is very happy with the service that Ms Caroline J. Smith and associate has provided us with the help we needed.  I would recommend anyone to come to her for her service she dose an awsome job as well as the associates, we thank you so much with the service you provided to us,  irate her a five star as an attorney." - Dane Lopez and Ana Cepda