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Caroline J. Smith & Associates, P.C. concentrates in landlord and tenant law, condominium assessment cases and eviction defense as a result of foreclosure actions.  Caroline J. Smith & Associates P.C. brings over 26  years of experience to your pending litigation.  Caroline J. Smith has handled over 7,000 cases.  The firm focuses on the concerns and the needs of the clients throughout the pending court proceedings.  Many clients hire an attorney to represent them because they are facing stressful, uncertain and catastrophic economic circumstances.  Eviction clients may face homelessness for themselves and their families. Caroline J. Smith & Associates, P.C. fights to avoid the clients becoming  homeless on a daily basis and fights to substantially reduce  or dismiss any potential judgments based on past due rent.  Additionally, we handle real estate closings.

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Caroline J. Smith & Associates, P.C. is a full service litigation firm. The firm defends clients in landlord and tenant eviction cases and condominium assessment cases. Also, the firm files lawsuits based on the breach of the implied warranty of habitability and violations of the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance, including cases for material non-compliance with the building code, failure to pay interest on the security deposit, and failure to disclose the name of the bank where the security deposit is being held. The firm handles both bench trials and jury trials. Caroline J. Smith & Associates P.C. provides excellent negotiation services and settles approximately 90% of its cases on or before the trial date. 

Tenants in Chicagoland get more than attorneys being paid a fee to show up at one court date when they hire Caroline J. Smith & Associates, P.C. Instead, they are hiring zealous tenants' rights attorneys who will fight their cases so they can have their day in court.

In addition, Caroline J. Smith & Associates, P.C. prepares demand letters on behalf of their clients who are seeking to have their landlord make required repairs, return the security deposits or terminate leases based on constructive eviction. 

Additionally, Caroline J. Smith & Associates, P.C. helps to break leases on behalf of their clients who are wishing to break leases. 

Finally, Caroline J. Smith & Assocaites, P.C. also assists with real estate closings.

Caroline J.  Smith &  Associates, P.C. respresnents landlord and tenants' rights throughout Cook County,  Will County and Kane County.